The Advantages of Increasing Testosterone Production With an Herbal Supplement

Using a male hormone enhancement supplement that contains the herbal extract Tongkat Ali Eurycomanone provides benefits connected with increased testosterone levels. Asian men have been taking this herb for centuries, but it has been a relatively recent introduction to North America.

Age Considerations

Middle-aged and senior men tend to be the most interested in this product, since testosterone levels decrease as men get older. That means they are more likely to put on weight in the form of fat, have more difficulty building muscle, and experience some disappointing effects in the realm of sexual activity.

Active Components

Tongkat Ali is a nickname for the plant Eurycoma longifolia, which has the active ingredient eurycomanone. It’s also sometimes called Malaysian ginseng, although it is not actually ginseng. To address the active component even more precisely, it’s eurypeptides in eurycomanone that appear to increase testosterone by naturally stimulating the body to produce more of this male hormone.

Additional Positive Effects

The active component also binds with a hormone in the body that reduces the effectiveness of testosterone. This disrupts that hormone’s negative activity on testosterone. An added benefit is that this herb decreases the production of cortisol, which is known as a stress hormone that can have negative effects on the body if it is chronically at high levels. Stressful feelings are relieved to a certain extent, allowing the person to relax and feel less tense.

Sexual Enhancement Features

Many older men are specifically looking for a supplement that will boost their libido and resolve some issues with erectile dysfunction. They may not want to start taking a prescription drug for these effects, so Tongkat Ali is a suitable alternative. Another reason men of any age seek this kind of safe supplement is for better progress in weightlifting performance.

Exercise and Tongkat Ali

With the extract reducing fatigue and increasing stamina, men may be more motivated to exercise while taking the supplement. Since exercise also boosts testosterone production and reduces cortisol levels, the combination of effects is particularly advantageous. In addition, regular physical activity helps people increase their fitness, and maintain their cardiovascular health and muscle strength.