Tomatoes pepper

Tomato (Better grade plum)
Sugar — 1 C.
Vinegar (9%) — 1 stack.
Black pepper — 5 package.
Salt — 2 tbsp
Parsley (bundles)
Water — 2 liters


Recipe “Tomatoes in pepper”:
1) Make the marinade. In water add sugar, salt and when boiling, the vinegar.

2) my Tomatoes and wipe dry.
Cut in half and dip well into the peppers (cored)

3) In sterilized jars on the bottom put the parsley and tightly lay tomatoes.

4) Pour the hot brine over the banks and preserve.
Banks flip the lid down and put in a warm place, pre-wrapped with a blanket.

The recipe makes 6 one-liter bottles. So can’t really say how much tomatoes.

Still, these tomatoes are so delicious and really not peppery and slightly spicy