Liver cake with carrots and onions

Beef liver 1 kg
Eggs 3 pieces
Wheat flour 350 g
Milk 500 ml
Onion 2 pieces
Carrots 2 pieces
Salt to taste
Mayonnaise 1 jar
Ground black pepper to taste
To print the recipe
121012184428-121016161221-p-O-pechenochnij-tort-s-morkovju-i-lukom1. Liver roll grinder (food processor) to make the stuffing. Add eggs, milk, salt/pepper and flour. After each ingredient is thoroughly mixed. Consistency should be like pancake — like fluid.
2. In a well-heated frying pan (pre-greased with vegetable oil) with a ladle pour the liver. The process is the same as when baking pancakes. Make cakes — ideally, the thickness of the cake should not be more than 5 mm. Although otherwise it will be delicious.
3. Cut onion into thin(!) half rings (or quartered, if large onion), carrots three on a large grater. The amount of onions and carrots I point at my eyes. To be safe, you can first fry bigger amount to precisely enough for the filling.
4. On a separate frying pan brown the onion with the carrots.
5. Generated cake. To do this, put on a plate with the cake, a thin layer of mayonnaise, top with a thin layer of onions and carrots, next layer, and so on. If cakes a lot, for convenience take two of cake, though not very high, but it will be convenient to cut. Or reduce by half the number of the necessary ingredients.